Top Opening Gear Shift Lock A101 (H-01)
Product Model:A101

Top Opening Gear Shift Lock A101 (H-01)


  1. The unlock direction is from the top. It prevents the passenger's seat to block the key hole. Easy to operate.
  2. The cylinders are produced by CNC machine with high precisions.
  3. Specialized outer covering and U type shakle is easy to handle. The placement stand is firm and steady with steel ball to fasten.
  4. A fluorescent spot on the dust cover of the key hole is visible in the dark and easy for key to insert.


  1. It must be combined with specific shaped fastened iron plate.
  2. For Automatic transmission car it is fastened on Parking gear. For Manual it is on Reverse gear.
  3. Suggested the installation be done by technical staff to ensure accurancy.
  4. Suggested the installation be done before new vehicles from car factory handed to customers.
  1. Key : Equipped with 3 pieces of key and one Pin Number Card
  2. Cylinder Single : For 6 single pin there are 12,500 combination choices (general) / For double pin 800,000 combination choices (advanced).
  3. Shackle : The steel material with hardened treatment, is capable of anti-sawing and anti-cutting. The standard length is 115mm. Other sizes are available.
  4. Latch : Metal alloy material with hardened treatment, is capable of wear-resisting and anti-destruction.
  5. Iron case : The shovel part with harden treatment. is capable of welding reinforcing and anti-destruction.
  6. Nuts : two sets of anti-dismantle nuts and one set of common nut.
  7. Logo : Logo can be customized.
  8. Package : 20sets / ctn

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