Since 1989, One Lus International Co., Ltd. has been a Taiwan professional manufacturer leader of Gear Shift Lock and car security producer. Our patented rights are over than 20 kinds, around the world and our Gear Shift Locks provide highest level to prevention of burglary. Since than we have grown into the largest professional manufacturer and supply a wide range of locking system in worldwide.

One Lus International Co., Ltd. stands proud of our products and continue to developing different kind of mechanical and electromechanical car security products, door lock, padlock, bycicle lock, motorbike lock and lock cylinders. Being premier lock supplier, we specialise in customized solutions, our teams of sales and design engineers are always working with a goal to meet different customer`s security needs. Our main OEM products include all kind of security lock like hood lock, tire lock, spare tire lock, pedal lock and steering wheel lock, motorcycle lock and bicycle lock.

With the very highest production equipment, lastest production technology and top-quality material, we take this superiority to give our customers complete satisfaction, thus ensuring not a "one time" business relationship, but a cooperative.
One Lus International Co., Ltd. One Lus International Co., Ltd. One Lus International Co., Ltd.

One Lus International Co., Ltd.