Don't shoot a dirty gun!

It would be very dangerous if couldn’t clean the rust and pitting on the firearms. Tradition we spent a lot of time to clean the rust and pitting by using sponge with cleaning oil. It waste much time and money but not really solved the issue. The rust and pitting would keep increasing with time, then it might cause the jamming, failure to extract and even in serious cases, it may fail to close correctly leading to misfire or bore premature. All of these issues are a heavy risk for the shooter.

With more than 30 years of experience with failure and testing again and again, our company finally invented the disposable barrel pitting and rust cleaning solution which could quickly and easily clean the barrel rust, pitting and weapon parts.
(Normal weapon parts rust and barrel pitting can be effectively removed in 5-10 minutes.)

  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
  • Brand Name: Customized
  • Type: Disposable Firearms Pitting Cleaner
  • Application: Wide Scope (firearms, barrel parts, weapon parts or even on metal parts which might have rust and pitting etc.)
  • Package: White pack(Standard), Color pack(optional)

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Disposable Firearms Pitting Cleaner