Invisible Gear Shift Lock A105 (PL-02)
Product Model:A105

Invisible Gear Shift Lock


  1. Easy to operate, convenient to use.
  2. Lock hidden in the gear box keeps the appearance intact and takes little space.
  3. Better function to prevent stealing. It lowers the Theft Rate.
  4. The cylinders are produced by CNC machine with high precisions.
  5. It especially uses the short leg pin to combine with steel plate, reinforcing the anti-theft and anti-destruction function.


  1. Suggested the installation be done by technical staff to ensure accurancy.
  2. Suitable for automatic (Parking gear) & manual (Reverse gear)
  3. Applicable to both Bottom plate with drilling and without drilling.
  4. Suggested the installation be done before new vehicles from car factory handed to customers.
  1. Cylinder : For 6 single pin there are 12,500 combination choices (general) / For double pin 800,000 combination choices (advanced).
  2. Shackle : Round shape(Common type) / D shape(Advanced). The steel material with hardened treatment, is capable of anti-sawing. The standard length is 130/160/180mm. Other sizes are available to order.
  3. Latch : Metal material with hardened treatment, is capable of wear-resisting and anti-destruction.
  4. Plastic outer cover : colors of black, gray, and beige.
  5. Logo : Logo can be customized.
  6. Package : 20sets / ctn

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