Pin Tumbler Cylinder C309 (14 pins)
Product Model:C309

Reliable manipulation and drilling protection by high quality locking system and special pins are with high security.

Patent: USA: 6519988, France: 115651, Taiwan: 193248, Germany: 201 19 663.8, Mainland
China: 530843,Japan: 3084152, Israel, Italy, India and other countries are applying.

Material: Brass cylinder and key

․ 14 independent locking elements in 3 planes, with key variations between 1,500,000 nos.
․ with only 18mm diameter, flexibility in making different locking elements and length from 15.65mm to 23.15mm.
․ Anti-drill protection via hardened steel pegs or plate.
․ Special anti-pick pin system with high security.
․ High quality components, rust-free material prevent corrosion.
․ With Security Card

Applications: For all locks requiring high security