Warehouse Lock
Product Model:

Taiwan Made Warehouse LockTaiwan Made Warehouse Lock


-It’s Very Convenience use, One Lus not only produce this lock with high quality as usual but also to design to lock/unlock way in front of the lock surface, it’s very different from the normal market items.

-The Special dimension is designed at Ø65mm is different from the normal size on the market. Little smaller but with the anti-drilled cylinder protection.

-This Hidden shackle padlocks made by CNC machined integrated with steel alloy, high security, heavy-duty and harden shackles are the toughest padlocks of their type ever offered to those who are serious about security.

-The Lock body conceals the shackle thus offering maximum protection against drilling, sawing, prying, crowbars, dent pullers and hammers — so they’re ideal for protecting high security areas and are adaptable for applications not only on warehouses but also on garages, storage buildings, vehicles, commercial buildings and industrial plants etc.

Place of Origin:
- Taiwan

Brand Name:
- Customized

- Security lock

- Steel Alloy lock body (Hardened optional)
- Shackle with hardened
- Anti-drill brass cylinder and keys

- Electrophoresis (Black) - Standard
- Nickel Chrome bright (Optional)
- Other color could be customized

- High Quality, Integrated and Round padlock

- Wide scope:
- Garages, storage buildings, vehicles, commercial buildings and industrial plants etc.

- White box (Standard)
- Color box (Optional)
- Double blister (Optional)