Folding Bicycle Lock B109
Product Model:B109

Easy use for all kind of bicycle and folding bicycle, color is available in red, yellow, green, blue, black and white. Materials are compliant with RoHS Directive.
Dimension: 170(L) x 64(W) x 45(H)mm
Weight: Steel 0.922kgs / Ally steel 0.922kgs / Aluminum 0.494kgs

Material: Bars are avaliable in steel, alum. and alloy steel, stainless steel rivet, ABS/PP coated


․ resists bolt cropper, tile cutter, hacksaw & hammer attack
․ With hardened links made of special steel, speical rivets with drill protction, hardened locking bolt.
․ 5-disc locking mechanism. Protection of the sliding dust cap; lifespan extension of the lock cylinder.
․ Plastic-coated as protection against scratching. Polypropylene coating, unbreakable. Abrasive anti-slip blasting on the surface. Protection for your bicycle to avoid scrapes; beautiful design for the lock body.
․ Additional lock holder can be used the original screw to lock the bottle cage.
․ Rotatable lock body holder is easy for use and take out the bottle cage whether right or left side. 

Applications: Folding lock for bicycle, motorbike use

B109-B B109-G
B109-R B109-W